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Atomic group


Hercules Utah


Polaris is a premium grade of soil application fertilizer created by

tablet-amino form. Polaris is 
designed for apply all plant growth stages.

Galaxy is a premium grade of soil application fertilizer created by tablet-seaweed form. Galaxy is not only provides important plant 
nutrients but also provides plant root growth additive.

Hercules Utah is  unique plant micronutrient fertilizer that provides high efficacy of important plant micronutrients and also provides plant root growth additive increasing root mass, getting more nutrient uptakes.

Atomic is one of biostimulate fertilizer provided plant growth function systems to get more flowers,more high quality yield, enhances healthy plant.
Atomic is the most friendly for all corps and most compatible to pesticides and fertilizers.

Mr. Products are high grade of NPK plus micronutrients improving plant nutrient absorption. This product can

be applied for all crops and all stage of plant growth.

Hybrick is new innovative from 
Napnutriscience designed its function as "Buffering fertilizer". This product can work as pH adjuster while gives plant fertilizer.

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